Fast, accurate, is our best label!

As we all know, the market environment and the economic downturn have a direct impact on our plastics industry, so the fierce competition in the mold industry can be imagined. In such an environment, how can a good mold company survive better? High efficiency! High precision! It has always been our requirement to ourselves and also responsible for our customers! Let every customer think of our Jiekai Mould, first of all what comes to mind is our efficient delivery time and high-precision quality control.
Samples can be produced within 9 days at the fastest, and the highest processing accuracy is 0.005MM-Dongguan Jiekai Plastic Mould Factory specializes in mould design and manufacturing/injection/spraying/assembly and other one-stop service perfect industrial chain. The products produced involve digital electronics, medical equipment, smart homes, children’s education, baby products, office supplies, automotive precision parts and other industries. With high-quality molds and excellent service, we have won the trust of customers at home and abroad!