In the development process of Jiekai, the Jiekai family who have gone through ups and downs with us all the way are indispensable, and it is more indispensable to support us and trust our respected customers at home and abroad. Your recognition is our great honor; your recognition has given us a strong impetus for progress.
Under the influence of the general environment at this stage, the business of various industries has entered the off-season, especially for the processing and manufacturing industry, many factories feel more leisurely. And our foreign customers placed orders for more than 60 sets of molds to us at the end of July. After receiving the orders, the project engineering departments immediately arranged related work in an orderly manner. When I went down to the workshop, I saw that the colleagues in each position were working meticulously, watching everyone’s serious and focused expression, and truly realized why we can get the attention, trust, support and affirmation of our customers!
When we drink water, we should not forget its source.We know that every bit of progress and success achieved by Jiekai is inseparable from the attention, trust, support and participation of all customers. The understanding and trust of our customers is a powerful driving force for our progress, and the care and support of our customers is an inexhaustible source of our growth.
Jiekai can produce samples within 9 days at the fastest, and the highest processing accuracy is 0.005MM. With high-quality service and good reputation, we are going forward step by step. I believe that we are a partner worthy of customers’ recognition and long-term cooperation.
Jiekai looks forward to working with more domestic and foreign customers to win-win and write the future together!

Dongguan Jiekai Plastic Mold Processing Factory has specialized in plastic mold processing, design, manufacturing, injection molding, assembly and other one-stop services for 18 years. Has an excellent design team and experienced plastic mold manufacturing technicians. Samples can be produced within 9 days at the fastest, and the highest processing accuracy is 0.005MM. The materials used are standard parts, the mold life is long, and the product appearance is defect-free,won the praise of domestic and foreign customers.
At the end of July, customers came to order more than 60 sets of molds, and the company arranged to complete them within 35 days. Therefore, the colleagues in the engineering department and the mold department are working hard every day, hoping to deliver the products to the customers as soon as possible. In the first half of the month, the weather was too hot and the temperature was too high, which caused several power outages in the electrical room. After the power was turned on, colleagues in the Engineering Department, Tooling Department, and Injection Department kept up with the unfinished schedule that day. Entering the workshop, seeing everyone immersed in the work at hand, the appearance of everyone working hard is really cute. Due to the hard work and hard work of everyone in the early stage, the molds are completed every day and sent to the injection molding department for trial molds. Looking at the blueprints from the beginning, they gradually transformed into real objects, and finally assembled and formed the test mold OK and placed them in front of you. These are the attitudes of Jiekai people who are serious and responsible for customers and operate with integrity.
With such a working partner, with such a working attitude, with such a service team, are respected customers still worrying about delivery time? Are you worrying about quality? Jiekai family members, you are the best! Thumb up for you!!

16 sets of molds took 20 days. At first glance, I don’t think there is anything to complete these tasks at this time, but when you know that there are more than 60 sets of molds in the same time period, is it a bit different?!
From the initial order, to the issuance of the mold opening notification project, and then the DFM report is made; after passing the mold design review, the materials are purchased and the mold production process is started. Every procedure is in full swing. During the high temperature period, the temperature was too high and caused 2 power outages in the electric room. On the day of the power outage, the colleagues in the mold department were all night to catch up with the progress under the sunset; I went to the workshop every day and saw that they were all methodical and serious. Work, praise them for their serious attitude and responsible attitude to customers.
After the partners worked together for more than ten days, seeing the parts slowly assembled into a complete set of molds, 5-7 sets of molds are sent to the injection molding department for trial molds every day, and the samples are tested after OK. , A set of qualified plastic molds came out.
After sample inspection is OK, all the molds will be painted with a layer of paint to prevent rust, and the outside will be wrapped with a protective film, and then packed in a special solid wood packing box and sealed to ensure the quality of transportation. The boxing of 16 sets of molds in 20 days is completed. This is not the end, but continues to invest in a new round of work progress!

The development of molds in the future mainly has five development directions: 1. Whether the accuracy of “high-precision” dimensions can be achieved is the most important factor for manufacturing high-precision, high-quality, high-tech products. To make high-precision molds, there are two main elements, one is equipment and the other is talent. At present, there is still a certain distance from foreign countries in the most sophisticated fields, but it is conceivable that as we catch up, this distance will be equalized in the near future,and it is beyond! This is only a matter of time.
Two: “High efficiency” means high automation. With the popularity of various automated equipment (mainly robots) that cooperate with mold production, and the increase in the degree of intelligence of standard parts inside the mold (mainly hot runners), the efficiency of mold production is getting higher and higher, and it will be to a higher and better state of development. In this process, the requirements for mold designers will become higher and higher. At that time, mold designers must not only understand the automation equipment, but also participate in the design. Not only that, in the design process, the requirements for the cycle will be higher and higher, which also requires the quality of mold designers to continuously improve. In the future factories, there are only three kinds of people: managers, technicians, and robots.
Three: “New molds” With the continuous progress of technological innovation, many molds that were originally required to be very complicated and tortuous can become very simple. There are also many possible structures that were thought to be impossible. These are new opportunities and challenges for the mold industry. Specifically, they are opportunities and challenges for mold designers. Plastic mold factories that master these new mold design and manufacturing technologies will have more initiative. Mold is always an industry that relies on technology and quality!
Four: The trend of “product development and mold integration” is also inevitable. This change is a change that can affect the manufacturing model more than the assembly line instead of the all-round mold master. Simply put, it is the integration of mold design and product research and development into a new position, a new position that can be responsible for the entire product from appearance to structure, to mold, to mold processing, mold production, and product assembly. Become the absolute core of manufacturing.
Five: “Summary” The mold industry is still promising, because after all, it is the two cores of the manufacturing industry, especially when the two cores begin to merge into one core in the future, another golden age is coming! Even if it is indeed sluggish now It is indeed difficult, but it is impossible to deny this industry! Especially such a basic industry.
Dongguan plastic mold manufacturer-Dongguan Jiekai Industrial has formed a complete industrial chain of mold design and manufacturing injection/coating/assembly and other one-stop services. The products produced involve industries such as digital electronics, medical equipment, smart homes, children’s education, baby products, office supplies, and automotive precision accessories. With high-quality molds and excellent service, we have won the trust of customers at home and abroad!

As we all know, the market environment and the economic downturn have a direct impact on our plastics industry, so the fierce competition in the mold industry can be imagined. In such an environment, how can a good mold company survive better? High efficiency! High precision! It has always been our requirement to ourselves and also responsible for our customers! Let every customer think of our Jiekai Mould, first of all what comes to mind is our efficient delivery time and high-precision quality control.
Samples can be produced within 9 days at the fastest, and the highest processing accuracy is 0.005MM-Dongguan Jiekai Plastic Mould Factory specializes in mould design and manufacturing/injection/spraying/assembly and other one-stop service perfect industrial chain. The products produced involve digital electronics, medical equipment, smart homes, children’s education, baby products, office supplies, automotive precision parts and other industries. With high-quality molds and excellent service, we have won the trust of customers at home and abroad!

I saw a person in the plastic mold industry said a few days ago: “I really don’t want to make molds. There are too many people who make molds. I don’t know what to do when I change my job, and I’m very confused now.” In recent years, due to various reasons in the plastic mold industry, the development of the plastic mold industry has faced many difficulties; especially the majority of migrant workers have the most profound experience, wages cannot rise, rising prices and lower purchasing power. There is also fierce competition among enterprises. Order prices are falling, but employee wages and prices are rising. It is indeed difficult and unsatisfactory. In such an environment, most people have doubts, is the plastic mold industry declining? Is there a future for plastic molds? Before discussing this issue, listen to a senior mold engineer’s analysis of molds in the entire manufacturing industry. Positioning in China, this issue naturally clears its prospects.
Positioning of molds in the manufacturing industry: Molds are the mother of industry. Nowadays, most plastics and plastic products are produced with molds. Only with molds can the products reach mass production, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. Modern is a world of high-speed industrialization, and there is no way to leave the mold. In other words, mold is one of the most important cornerstones of the industrial world, and it is an industry that cannot be eliminated. Especially in the current era of rapid development of China’s industrialization process, the plastic mold industry is still a sunrise industry, and it is still an industry full of opportunities!
The status of the mold industry: There are several factors that lead to the current dilemma of the plastic mold industry. The first is the market environment. Since the 2008 financial crisis, the crisis has never left. These factors have caused the manufacturing industry to encounter difficulties. As one of the core industries of the manufacturing industry, the plastic mold industry will naturally be directly affected. Decrease, lower profits, for people engaged in the plastic mold industry, it directly affects income. In addition to the overall world pattern, the continued economic downturn in Europe, the United States and other countries has also directly affected our mold industry, because the molds with higher profits in the entire mold industry are basically export molds. If there are fewer exported molds, profits will naturally be less. If the boss can’t make money, the salary will naturally not rise. This is an external and objective factor. It is difficult to change this factor in the short term, and it is basically impossible. Therefore, in the past two years, many small workshops and individual mold manufacturers cannot maintain and have to close their doors. However, the development of everything is cyclical. The current trough is only temporary. The overall trend of China’s economy will not change. The difficulties caused by this will certainly be gradually eliminated in a short period of time in the future. Therefore, There is actually nothing to worry about for this factor, after all, the mold industry is a basic industry. Plastic molds are indispensable to industry, just as catering is to people’s livelihood.

The coordinated changes of the convex and concave molds of the plastic mold and the auxiliary molding system can process a series of plastic parts of different shapes and sizes. In order to meet the needs of molded parts, we need to pay attention to some matters when choosing plastic molds and put forward corresponding requirements. Choose a more suitable plastic mold to meet the below following six requirements

1.High corrosion resistance. Many resins and additives have a corrosive effect on the surface of the cavity. This corrosion causes the metal on the surface of the cavity to corrode and peel off, the surface condition becomes worse, and the quality of the plastic parts deteriorates. Therefore, it is best to use corrosion-resistant steel, or chromium plating, cymbal nickel treatment on the cavity surface.

2.Good wear resistance. The gloss and accuracy of the surface of plastic products are directly related to the wear resistance of the surface of the plastic mold cavity, especially when glass fiber, inorganic fillers and certain pigments are added to some plastics. The plastic melt flows at high speed in the runner and mold cavity together, and the friction on the surface of the cavity is great. If the material is not wear-resistant, it will wear out quickly, which will damage the quality of the plastic part.

3.Good dimensional stability. When plastic molding, the temperature of the plastic mold cavity should reach 300℃ or more. For this reason, it is best to choose tool steel (heat-treated steel) that has been properly tempered. Otherwise it will cause changes in the microstructure of the material, resulting in changes in the size of the plastic mold.

4.Easily processed.mold parts are mostly made of metal materials, and some structural shapes are still very complex. In order to shorten the production cycle and improve efficiency, mold materials are required to be easy to process into the shape and accuracy required by the drawings.

5.Good polishing performance. Plastic plastic parts usually require good gloss and surface condition. Therefore, the roughness of the cavity surface is required to be very small. In this way, the surface of the cavity must be surface processed, such as polishing and grinding. Therefore, the selected steel should not contain rough impurities and pores.

6.It is less affected by heat treatment. In order to improve the hardness and wear resistance, the plastic mold is generally heat treated, but this treatment should make the size change small. Therefore, it is best to use pre-hardened steel that can be machined.

Dongguan JK Technology Limited Company is an enterprise integrating plastic mold development and design, custom processing, mold manufacturing, and injection molding. Founded in 2012. With more than 10 years of senior industry design engineers and experienced mold manufacturing technicians; with professional technology and efficient management, they have rich practical experience in mold design, manufacturing and management, and optimize mold structure and mold ranking. With CNC computer processing center, computer spark machine,grinding, drilling, wire cutting machine and other processing equipment, fully realize the integration of CAD/CAM processing. The injection molding workshop is equipped with more than 20 single-color and two shot injection molding machines of 120 to 250 tons,can meet the general needs of our customers. After years of hard work, it is now possible to sample a single-color mold for the first time in 9 days, and a two shot mold for the first sample in 18 days.

Injection mold is a tool for producing plastic products; it is also a tool for giving plastic products a complete structure and precise dimensions. Injection molds often encounter dark color and poor gloss during the processing and manufacturing process, so what is the reason for the dark color and poor gloss? And how to solve it?

In the process of normal injection mold production and processing, the gloss of the mold surface is mainly determined by the type of plastic, the colorant and the finish of the mold surface. “The main reasons and solutions for dark color and poor gloss are as follows.

1 The injection mold has poor finish, rust on the surface of the cavity, and poor mold exhaust.

2Too much recycled materials are used, plastics or colorants are of poor quality, water vapor or other impurities are mixed, and lubricants used are of poor quality.

3 The gating system of the injection mold is defective. The cold slug well should be enlarged, the runner, polished main runner, subchannel and gate should be enlarged.

4 The material temperature and mold temperature are low, and local heating of the gate can be used if necessary.

5 Plastics should be fully plasticized, but to prevent degradation of materials, be stable when heated, and adequately cooled, especially thick-walled ones.

6 The clamping force must be sufficient during the manufacturing process of the injection mold.

7 The injection mold processing pressure is too low, the speed is too slow, the injection time is insufficient, and the back pressure is insufficient, resulting in poor compactness and dark surface.

8 To prevent cold material from entering the part, use a self-locking spring or lower the nozzle temperature if necessary.

Doing the above 8 points can well avoid the phenomenon of dark color and poor gloss in the injection mold. Even if this phenomenon occurs during the production process, remedial measures can be taken to minimize the production progress of the company and increase the production efficiency of enterprises.

Daily necessities made of plastic injection molding may be used in most of life. New Year 2020, a new atmosphere! In 2019, in the context of the general downturn, in order to better serve customers, the company resolutely added three mirror spark machines. The pace of development has never stopped. Mr Zhang from Shenzhen on November 8 found our company on the Internet and asked if we could customize plastic molds. They have a smart switch that needs to be opened mold and they want to mass produce. But what they worry most is the quality problem. After a period of communication on the Internet, we have a certain understanding.

After three days, he came to our Jiekai plastic mold processing factory to check and get a closer understanding (Jiekai Industrial is a plastic mold factory, established in 2012, with more than 10 years of senior industry design engineers and rich experience in actual combat. Optimize mold structure and mold ranking. Equipped with mold production and processing equipment: CNC computer processing center, computer spark machine, iron, car, grinding, drilling, wire cutting machine and other processing equipment, fully realize the integration of CAD\CAM processing.The molding workshop is equipped with more than 20 single-color and two shot injection molding machines) to meet the general needs of our customers. A few hours passed, Mr. Zhang was very satisfied with our company’s equipment and operations, and decided to put the goods in our company’s production.

Speaking of which, this is the Nth customized smart switch mold for Jiekai Plastic Mold Factory. In the smart switch industry, many companies have cooperated with Jiekai Mould Factory, because customers request to keep the other company’s name confidential. The reason why Jiekai Plastic Mold is so popular with customers is mainly due to continuous technological innovation and give customer satisfied products.

Dongguan Jiekai Plastic Mould Factory focuses on the one-stop service of single-color/two shot plastic mold design and development, mold manufacturing, custom processing, and injection molding production. The main products are two-color molds such as automobile plastic parts, medical equipment, household appliances, instruments, machinery and equipment. In the field of mold manufacturing such as precision automobile parts, medical equipment molds, injection molds, optical electroforming molds, gas-assisted molds, mold precision injection molding etc., it has accumulated very rich experience and has become a well-known monochrome mold in this industry/ two shot mold source manufacturer. The company has advanced equipment, short mold production cycle, standard parts used in materials, long mold life, first sample test in 9 days, processing accuracy +/-0.005MM, and dozens of precision processing equipment and three-dimensional detectors.

In order to improve the competitiveness of the factory, strive to shorten the manufacturing cycle and reduce the manufacturing cost is the goal of all mold manufacturers. Nowadays, the traditional “manual mold making” has been replaced by automated numerical control equipment, and more and more plastic mold manufacturers have begun to pay attention to and introduce automated production systems and equipment.

Traditional manufacturing processes are more sensitive to the introduction of automation. On the surface, the use of robots can reduce operators and save labor costs, but the actual cost of purchasing a robot is far greater than the labor cost. So how to understand the contribution of automation to cost reduction? We need to analyze the occurrence of huge, intangible costs and the risk of intangible asset loss.

1) The use of automation reduces the requirements for operating skills, greatly improves productivity, and gives full play to the processing efficiency of the machine tool.

2) The actual processing time per week can reach 160 hours, which greatly enhances economic benefits.

3) The machine tool will only create economic benefits, reduce costs, and increase revenue when it is processed.

4) To get the best return on equipment investment, higher safety production and more consistent products.

5) The use of automation avoids manual interference in processing, resulting in higher quality and less waste.