Because we have cooperated with GM Company of India for many years, our moulds and products have been favored by customers, and we have established a good relationship in foreign countries.

Through the introduction of their friends, an Indian company has made a connection with our Jiekai Plastic Mould Factory. It has flown from New Delhi, India, to China to visit our plastic mould factory.

To investigate and discuss cooperation matters.

All the staff of Jiekai warmly welcomed their arrival. During the meeting, Mr. Chen introduced in detail the development process and model of Jiekai in recent years.

In terms of technical ability and future development direction, the guests also talked about the development of their company. They talked very speculatively and were full of confidence in the follow-up cooperation.

We visited the mould workshop and injection workshop of our plastic mould factory.

Customers are very satisfied with the scale, equipment, production speed and quality of our plastic mould factory, and will sign a contract with our plastic mould factory soon.

Thank you very much for the arrival of Indian guests thousands of miles away. Your satisfaction is our pursuit! Jiekai Plastic Mould Factory provides you with the best quality products and services.

At the same time, we sincerely hope that friends at home and abroad will join us to “work hand in hand to create the future!”


I believe many people know that our Japanese products are strong and durable. This is mainly because we have the spirit of craftsmen. “Something is not good, we must find a way to do it well!” This requires our supplier has a good quality concept, otherwise, it will lead to a higher return rate.

The shell of the skin tester needs mirror polishing and injection molding of high-strength engineering materials to make it have good strength, feel and appearance. We have been working with Jiekai Mould Factory for several years. Almost all our bulk beauty machines were handed over to them. Jiekai has produced more than 20 million products for us. They not only satisfied us, but also satisfied our customers, and brought us a large number of customer orders. Their company is not only professional, but also has advanced equipment, rich experience, superb technology, reasonable price and fast delivery time.

The shell of the tester is designed and manufactured by Jiekai’s designers, with beautiful colors, exquisite appearance and strong wear resistance. The ABS/ASA material they use is not only green and environmentally friendly, but also has high strength. In the first year of cooperation with Jiekai, our skin detector sales increased by 30%. Choose Jiekai, no longer need to worry about after-sales.


The first feeling of cooperating with the injection mould manufacturer, Jiekai, is professionalism. Throughout the whole contact process, just in the early stage, they will do a lot of drawings, raw materials comparative analysis preparation work well. The switching die produced in the later stage not only has beautiful and smooth appearance but also has no bonding line.

The appearance and quality of the wall switch mold directly determine the sales of the switch, so we are very careful in choosing service providers, compared with hundreds of mold manufacturers, and even found state-owned enterprises, military enterprises etc., the results are not ideal. In the end, we chose Jiekai. First, we look at its experience in plastic mould industry for many years. Second, their overall professional strength is very strong. From mould design and programming, injection molding, spraying, silk printing, electroplating, assembly and distribution are exactly what we need.


Because we have been pursuing the perfection of our products, whether in appearance or in internal structure, we need to pursue very high quality. In order to find a stable and high-quality manufacturer, we have traveled all over the major cities of our country. As a result, we have not found a satisfactory manufacturer. At this difficult time, through some information on the Internet, We have noticed that Jiekai industrial manufacturers, through the company’s top level to the Jiekai factory for a strict review, and finally determine that they meet our requirements.

Up to now, we have cooperated with JetKay Plastic Mold Manufacturer for several years. Our lamp shell is injection moulded by their company. Because of the stable quality, our sales volume has increased by more than 30% compared with previous years. Thank you very much for the support of all JetKay’s staff. Choosing them really saves our company a lot of costs and saves a lot of money. Less heart