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Dong Guan JK-MOLD Industry Co., LTD .In 19 years, we specialize in plastic mold design, manufacturing, injection molding, assembly and other one-stop services, in injection mold, two-color mold, mold precision injection molding, precision auto parts and medical equipment mold manufacturing areas, such as unique achievements.

The price is transparent and reasonable, according to the product demand rapid evaluation, save 10% time cost.

Precision processing equipment, international imported equipment, ±0.005 high-precision manufacturing colleagues are rare.

Strong production strength, access to professional mold customization one-stop solution; improve mold processing life, reduce maintenance costs.

Sound quality system, fully automated production, one-stop management system.

Welcome to the official website of  JK-MOLD Industry ! Thank you for your trust in JK-MOLD. JK-MOLD —Leading Brand of Plastic Mold Manufacturing for High Quality Appearance Parts!

 Monochromatic mold 9 days, two-color mold 18 days test mold, rapid sample, faster than competitors to produce the finished product, to obtain the advantage of time.

Manufacturer direct sales, reduce intermediate channels, reduce mold customization costs.

Professional customer service team 7 to 24 hours online service, to provide all the technical support during the mold life, all problems in one step.

Our integrated service system can help you speed up your entry into the market and get the first chance to put the final product on the market.

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