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How is the exact delivery time achieved?- Jiekai Plastic Mould Factory

Dongguan Jiekai Plastic Mold Processing Factory has specialized in plastic mold processing, design, manufacturing, injection molding, assembly and other one-stop services for 18 years. Has an excellent design team and experienced plastic mold manufacturing technicians. Samples can be produced within 9 days at the fastest, and the highest processing accuracy is 0.005MM. The materials used […]

Development trend of future molds

The development of molds in the future mainly has five development directions: 1. Whether the accuracy of “high-precision” dimensions can be achieved is the most important factor for manufacturing high-precision, high-quality, high-tech products. To make high-precision molds, there are two main elements, one is equipment and the other is talent. At present, there is still […]

Fast, accurate, is our best label!

As we all know, the market environment and the economic downturn have a direct impact on our plastics industry, so the fierce competition in the mold industry can be imagined. In such an environment, how can a good mold company survive better? High efficiency! High precision! It has always been our requirement to ourselves and […]

Requirements that plastic molds need to meet

The coordinated changes of the convex and concave molds of the plastic mold and the auxiliary molding system can process a series of plastic parts of different shapes and sizes. In order to meet the needs of molded parts, we need to pay attention to some matters when choosing plastic molds and put forward corresponding […]

Why does dark luster appear in injection mold products

Injection mold is a tool for producing plastic products; it is also a tool for giving plastic products a complete structure and precise dimensions. Injection molds often encounter dark color and poor gloss during the processing and manufacturing process, so what is the reason for the dark color and poor gloss? And how to solve […]

We are professional in mold design and production

Daily necessities made of plastic injection molding may be used in most of life. New Year 2020, a new atmosphere! In 2019, in the context of the general downturn, in order to better serve customers, the company resolutely added three mirror spark machines. The pace of development has never stopped. Mr Zhang from Shenzhen on […]