Development trend of future molds

The development of molds in the future mainly has five development directions: 1. Whether the accuracy of “high-precision” dimensions can be achieved is the most important factor for manufacturing high-precision, high-quality, high-tech products. To make high-precision molds, there are two main elements, one is equipment and the other is talent. At present, there is still a certain distance from foreign countries in the most sophisticated fields, but it is conceivable that as we catch up, this distance will be equalized in the near future,and it is beyond! This is only a matter of time.
Two: “High efficiency” means high automation. With the popularity of various automated equipment (mainly robots) that cooperate with mold production, and the increase in the degree of intelligence of standard parts inside the mold (mainly hot runners), the efficiency of mold production is getting higher and higher, and it will be to a higher and better state of development. In this process, the requirements for mold designers will become higher and higher. At that time, mold designers must not only understand the automation equipment, but also participate in the design. Not only that, in the design process, the requirements for the cycle will be higher and higher, which also requires the quality of mold designers to continuously improve. In the future factories, there are only three kinds of people: managers, technicians, and robots.
Three: “New molds” With the continuous progress of technological innovation, many molds that were originally required to be very complicated and tortuous can become very simple. There are also many possible structures that were thought to be impossible. These are new opportunities and challenges for the mold industry. Specifically, they are opportunities and challenges for mold designers. Plastic mold factories that master these new mold design and manufacturing technologies will have more initiative. Mold is always an industry that relies on technology and quality!
Four: The trend of “product development and mold integration” is also inevitable. This change is a change that can affect the manufacturing model more than the assembly line instead of the all-round mold master. Simply put, it is the integration of mold design and product research and development into a new position, a new position that can be responsible for the entire product from appearance to structure, to mold, to mold processing, mold production, and product assembly. Become the absolute core of manufacturing.
Five: “Summary” The mold industry is still promising, because after all, it is the two cores of the manufacturing industry, especially when the two cores begin to merge into one core in the future, another golden age is coming! Even if it is indeed sluggish now It is indeed difficult, but it is impossible to deny this industry! Especially such a basic industry.
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