16 sets of plastic molds are shipped in 20 days. What’s the rhythm?

16 sets of molds took 20 days. At first glance, I don’t think there is anything to complete these tasks at this time, but when you know that there are more than 60 sets of molds in the same time period, is it a bit different?!
From the initial order, to the issuance of the mold opening notification project, and then the DFM report is made; after passing the mold design review, the materials are purchased and the mold production process is started. Every procedure is in full swing. During the high temperature period, the temperature was too high and caused 2 power outages in the electric room. On the day of the power outage, the colleagues in the mold department were all night to catch up with the progress under the sunset; I went to the workshop every day and saw that they were all methodical and serious. Work, praise them for their serious attitude and responsible attitude to customers.
After the partners worked together for more than ten days, seeing the parts slowly assembled into a complete set of molds, 5-7 sets of molds are sent to the injection molding department for trial molds every day, and the samples are tested after OK. , A set of qualified plastic molds came out.
After sample inspection is OK, all the molds will be painted with a layer of paint to prevent rust, and the outside will be wrapped with a protective film, and then packed in a special solid wood packing box and sealed to ensure the quality of transportation. The boxing of 16 sets of molds in 20 days is completed. This is not the end, but continues to invest in a new round of work progress!