Plastic~Is there really no future in the mold industry?

I saw a person in the plastic mold industry said a few days ago: “I really don’t want to make molds. There are too many people who make molds. I don’t know what to do when I change my job, and I’m very confused now.” In recent years, due to various reasons in the plastic mold industry, the development of the plastic mold industry has faced many difficulties; especially the majority of migrant workers have the most profound experience, wages cannot rise, rising prices and lower purchasing power. There is also fierce competition among enterprises. Order prices are falling, but employee wages and prices are rising. It is indeed difficult and unsatisfactory. In such an environment, most people have doubts, is the plastic mold industry declining? Is there a future for plastic molds? Before discussing this issue, listen to a senior mold engineer’s analysis of molds in the entire manufacturing industry. Positioning in China, this issue naturally clears its prospects.
Positioning of molds in the manufacturing industry: Molds are the mother of industry. Nowadays, most plastics and plastic products are produced with molds. Only with molds can the products reach mass production, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. Modern is a world of high-speed industrialization, and there is no way to leave the mold. In other words, mold is one of the most important cornerstones of the industrial world, and it is an industry that cannot be eliminated. Especially in the current era of rapid development of China’s industrialization process, the plastic mold industry is still a sunrise industry, and it is still an industry full of opportunities!
The status of the mold industry: There are several factors that lead to the current dilemma of the plastic mold industry. The first is the market environment. Since the 2008 financial crisis, the crisis has never left. These factors have caused the manufacturing industry to encounter difficulties. As one of the core industries of the manufacturing industry, the plastic mold industry will naturally be directly affected. Decrease, lower profits, for people engaged in the plastic mold industry, it directly affects income. In addition to the overall world pattern, the continued economic downturn in Europe, the United States and other countries has also directly affected our mold industry, because the molds with higher profits in the entire mold industry are basically export molds. If there are fewer exported molds, profits will naturally be less. If the boss can’t make money, the salary will naturally not rise. This is an external and objective factor. It is difficult to change this factor in the short term, and it is basically impossible. Therefore, in the past two years, many small workshops and individual mold manufacturers cannot maintain and have to close their doors. However, the development of everything is cyclical. The current trough is only temporary. The overall trend of China’s economy will not change. The difficulties caused by this will certainly be gradually eliminated in a short period of time in the future. Therefore, There is actually nothing to worry about for this factor, after all, the mold industry is a basic industry. Plastic molds are indispensable to industry, just as catering is to people’s livelihood.