Cooperating with Japanese Customers to Manufacture and Produce Skin Tester Shell Mould Case


I believe many people know that our Japanese products are strong and durable. This is mainly because we have the spirit of craftsmen. “Something is not good, we must find a way to do it well!” This requires our supplier has a good quality concept, otherwise, it will lead to a higher return rate.

The shell of the skin tester needs mirror polishing and injection molding of high-strength engineering materials to make it have good strength, feel and appearance. We have been working with Jiekai Mould Factory for several years. Almost all our bulk beauty machines were handed over to them. Jiekai has produced more than 20 million products for us. They not only satisfied us, but also satisfied our customers, and brought us a large number of customer orders. Their company is not only professional, but also has advanced equipment, rich experience, superb technology, reasonable price and fast delivery time.

The shell of the tester is designed and manufactured by Jiekai’s designers, with beautiful colors, exquisite appearance and strong wear resistance. The ABS/ASA material they use is not only green and environmentally friendly, but also has high strength. In the first year of cooperation with Jiekai, our skin detector sales increased by 30%. Choose Jiekai, no longer need to worry about after-sales.

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