Case Study of MG Designated Manufacturer-Wall Switch Die Shell


The first feeling of cooperating with the injection mould manufacturer, Jiekai, is professionalism. Throughout the whole contact process, just in the early stage, they will do a lot of drawings, raw materials comparative analysis preparation work well. The switching die produced in the later stage not only has beautiful and smooth appearance but also has no bonding line.

The appearance and quality of the wall switch mold directly determine the sales of the switch, so we are very careful in choosing service providers, compared with hundreds of mold manufacturers, and even found state-owned enterprises, military enterprises etc., the results are not ideal. In the end, we chose Jiekai. First, we look at its experience in plastic mould industry for many years. Second, their overall professional strength is very strong. From mould design and programming, injection molding, spraying, silk printing, electroplating, assembly and distribution are exactly what we need.

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