We are professional in mold design and production

Daily necessities made of plastic injection molding may be used in most of life. New Year 2020, a new atmosphere! In 2019, in the context of the general downturn, in order to better serve customers, the company resolutely added three mirror spark machines. The pace of development has never stopped. Mr Zhang from Shenzhen on November 8 found our company on the Internet and asked if we could customize plastic molds. They have a smart switch that needs to be opened mold and they want to mass produce. But what they worry most is the quality problem. After a period of communication on the Internet, we have a certain understanding.

After three days, he came to our Jiekai plastic mold processing factory to check and get a closer understanding (Jiekai Industrial is a plastic mold factory, established in 2012, with more than 10 years of senior industry design engineers and rich experience in actual combat. Optimize mold structure and mold ranking. Equipped with mold production and processing equipment: CNC computer processing center, computer spark machine, iron, car, grinding, drilling, wire cutting machine and other processing equipment, fully realize the integration of CAD\CAM processing.The molding workshop is equipped with more than 20 single-color and two shot injection molding machines) to meet the general needs of our customers. A few hours passed, Mr. Zhang was very satisfied with our company’s equipment and operations, and decided to put the goods in our company’s production.

Speaking of which, this is the Nth customized smart switch mold for Jiekai Plastic Mold Factory. In the smart switch industry, many companies have cooperated with Jiekai Mould Factory, because customers request to keep the other company’s name confidential. The reason why Jiekai Plastic Mold is so popular with customers is mainly due to continuous technological innovation and give customer satisfied products.

Dongguan Jiekai Plastic Mould Factory focuses on the one-stop service of single-color/two shot plastic mold design and development, mold manufacturing, custom processing, and injection molding production. The main products are two-color molds such as automobile plastic parts, medical equipment, household appliances, instruments, machinery and equipment. In the field of mold manufacturing such as precision automobile parts, medical equipment molds, injection molds, optical electroforming molds, gas-assisted molds, mold precision injection molding etc., it has accumulated very rich experience and has become a well-known monochrome mold in this industry/ two shot mold source manufacturer. The company has advanced equipment, short mold production cycle, standard parts used in materials, long mold life, first sample test in 9 days, processing accuracy +/-0.005MM, and dozens of precision processing equipment and three-dimensional detectors.