The same is to do plastic mold, why is the difference so big?

In the development process of Jiekai, the Jiekai family who have gone through ups and downs with us all the way are indispensable, and it is more indispensable to support us and trust our respected customers at home and abroad. Your recognition is our great honor; your recognition has given us a strong impetus for progress.
Under the influence of the general environment at this stage, the business of various industries has entered the off-season, especially for the processing and manufacturing industry, many factories feel more leisurely. And our foreign customers placed orders for more than 60 sets of molds to us at the end of July. After receiving the orders, the project engineering departments immediately arranged related work in an orderly manner. When I went down to the workshop, I saw that the colleagues in each position were working meticulously, watching everyone’s serious and focused expression, and truly realized why we can get the attention, trust, support and affirmation of our customers!
When we drink water, we should not forget its source.We know that every bit of progress and success achieved by Jiekai is inseparable from the attention, trust, support and participation of all customers. The understanding and trust of our customers is a powerful driving force for our progress, and the care and support of our customers is an inexhaustible source of our growth.
Jiekai can produce samples within 9 days at the fastest, and the highest processing accuracy is 0.005MM. With high-quality service and good reputation, we are going forward step by step. I believe that we are a partner worthy of customers’ recognition and long-term cooperation.
Jiekai looks forward to working with more domestic and foreign customers to win-win and write the future together!