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Motorcycle Helmet Plastic two shot Mould

Type: Plastic mould


Motorcycle Helmet Plastic two shot Mould made of TPR/PP is nose protection part of helmet.it has very big undercut design.

Helmet all exported to Canada,in winter,very cold air can not come into Helmet during driving because of this part.TPR is very soft 40 degree hardness,very easy to occer flash during molding.So the machining tolerance is critical, we do some precision part tolerance at +/-0.005mm

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Mould Customization Process
1 The product forming process, die structure and manufacturing process were analyzed. Guarantee the service life of the mould to meet the customer’s requirements
2 Design complete die structure and processing parts, and put forward assembly requirements and injection process requirements.
Full analysis of plastic parts appearance quality defects (such as shrinkage) or die structure before opening
(Such as parting surface setting, gate setting, die life can not be guaranteed, etc.)
4 Mold appearance: Mold appearance must ensure no rust, no bump marks, no defect and other module defects.
5 Mould Transportation: Mould Transportation must be equipped with locking die, strong packaging, rust-proof
6 Mould information: While the die is delivered, a set of vulnerable parts and maintenance reference materials are provided.

This series have two sets two shot plastic moulds.Big side sliders.and strip block 25 days T1 , 45 days 2 K production. Molding circle time is 53s

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