Plastic moulds

With the development of the 21st century, the total number of production enterprises and employees in my country’s mold industry has leapt to the first place in the world, and the production and sales volume ranks third in the world. In real life, many substances will use plastic injection molds, plastic molds, and two shot mold injection molding products. The production of plastic products is firstly based on the development and design of plastic molds. Plastic molds are a basic tool for the production of plastic products. The precision of the mold directly affects the structural integrity and dimensional accuracy of the plastic products. The production of all kinds of plastic products requires the design and manufacture of plastic molds, injection molding, and surface treatment. Among them, the precision mold has a complex structure, high surface quality and high technical standards. It is a technology and capital-intensive product. The production process requires high speed Processing and super-finishing technology, rapid prototyping technology, automatic control technology, polymer material processing application technology, etc., involving machinery, metal materials, polymer materials, chemical materials, electronic and electrical, automation control and other fields, technical comprehensive requirements are high.
At present, the largest market in my country’s mold industry is the automobile industry, electronic information industry, home appliances and office equipment, machinery and building materials industries. With the rapid development of our country’s national economy, the increase in people’s income levels, and the increasing demand for automobiles, electronic consumer products, home appliances, etc., these industries have entered a stage of rapid development in recent years and have become the rapid development of my country’s plastic mold industry.