How is the exact delivery time achieved?- Jiekai Plastic Mould Factory

Dongguan Jiekai Plastic Mold Processing Factory has specialized in plastic mold processing, design, manufacturing, injection molding, assembly and other one-stop services for 18 years. Has an excellent design team and experienced plastic mold manufacturing technicians. Samples can be produced within 9 days at the fastest, and the highest processing accuracy is 0.005MM. The materials used are standard parts, the mold life is long, and the product appearance is defect-free,won the praise of domestic and foreign customers.
At the end of July, customers came to order more than 60 sets of molds, and the company arranged to complete them within 35 days. Therefore, the colleagues in the engineering department and the mold department are working hard every day, hoping to deliver the products to the customers as soon as possible. In the first half of the month, the weather was too hot and the temperature was too high, which caused several power outages in the electrical room. After the power was turned on, colleagues in the Engineering Department, Tooling Department, and Injection Department kept up with the unfinished schedule that day. Entering the workshop, seeing everyone immersed in the work at hand, the appearance of everyone working hard is really cute. Due to the hard work and hard work of everyone in the early stage, the molds are completed every day and sent to the injection molding department for trial molds. Looking at the blueprints from the beginning, they gradually transformed into real objects, and finally assembled and formed the test mold OK and placed them in front of you. These are the attitudes of Jiekai people who are serious and responsible for customers and operate with integrity.
With such a working partner, with such a working attitude, with such a service team, are respected customers still worrying about delivery time? Are you worrying about quality? Jiekai family members, you are the best! Thumb up for you!!