Now there are children’s toys, industrial supplies, daily necessities, medical equipment, etc., have you noticed that they have a more beautiful appearance than before?The two colors are packaged together, which is very beautiful and feels excellent. This is a two shot mold process result of injection molding. So how is the two shot mold injection molded? Next, let’s talk about this topic.

Two shot molds are actually injection molding of two plastic materials on the same injection molding machine. The injection molding is divided into two injections, but the product is only ejected once. The first injection molding is the half product. In the plastic injection control of A color, the quality of the A half product is directly related to the B color encapsulation problem. If the A product is not well, then the B color injection molding will produce flashing, which affects the appearance of the product. Therefore, B-color products must ensure the precision of the mold, because the product sealing position is directly A-color products. Moreover, the last stage of the B-color injection molding machine is definitely slower than the injection molded product to achieve perfect results.

Two shot mold injection molding can be roughly divided into two categories:

  1. The mixed-color two-color injection mold, that is, the two nozzles of the injection molding machine alternately inject materials of different colors into the same cavity to form a colorful product without obvious boundaries
  2. Double-layer twoshotinjection mold, that is,two nozzles inject two materials successively to form a two-color product with a clear boundary. The first nozzle injects the material into a small cavity and then forms, and then the mold is opened but not  eject.After the mold is rotated 180 degrees, the mold is closed, and then the second nozzle injects another material into the large cavity that already has the first material, so that the two materials are stuck together and the mold is ejected for the second time.

Most of them now adopt the second method. With the development of economy and the progress of science and technology, the use of two shot mold products is more and more widely used, and they are more and more loved by many people. Therefore, two shot molds and tools are more and more favored by many companies. With the coming technology has been developed and improved by leaps and bounds,we have provided our customers with many high-quality two shot molds and beautiful two-color plastic products. Jiekai is still learning and working hard…I am waiting for you in Dongguan Jiekai…