Case Study of Developing Lamp Panel Dies in Cooperation with Saudi Arabian Customers


Because we have been pursuing the perfection of our products, whether in appearance or in internal structure, we need to pursue very high quality. In order to find a stable and high-quality manufacturer, we have traveled all over the major cities of our country. As a result, we have not found a satisfactory manufacturer. At this difficult time, through some information on the Internet, We have noticed that Jiekai industrial manufacturers, through the company’s top level to the Jiekai factory for a strict review, and finally determine that they meet our requirements.

Up to now, we have cooperated with JetKay Plastic Mold Manufacturer for several years. Our lamp shell is injection moulded by their company. Because of the stable quality, our sales volume has increased by more than 30% compared with previous years. Thank you very much for the support of all JetKay’s staff. Choosing them really saves our company a lot of costs and saves a lot of money. Less heart

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